Why Strive for the Top Ranking in Search Engines


Whether it is a big or small business, online or land-based, local or global, SEO is a marketing strategy that all businesses should consider. It has many things to offer to your business that may ensure great rewards for your business. But before you can reap the fruits of a successful search engine optimization, you may have to rank on top of search engines.

But what really is the relevance of being on top of search engines that SEO works so hard to achieve it? Here are the reasons.

Searchers Will Easily Find Your Website

search engineA business website is put up primarily for potential customers to see it. Being top ranked in search engines means you are the first option for a searcher to click. With a competent SEO, you will get the best keywords. This means your website will appear in search engines when searchers type words or phrases related to the information they are looking for.

Searchers Don’t Scroll Down Search Engines Too Often

Except for those who are researching, individuals searching for information may take one, two, or three references, and that’s it. If you are on top of search engines, you will be seen readily. Being on top of search engines increases traffic to your website which also promotes awareness of your brand. This makes it really important to improve your website to be able to convince visitors and turn to actual customers.

Searchers Don’t Have All the Time to Search More

Being on top of search engines means you are the first option of visitors to be clicked. According to Google a website on top of the rankings have 18.2% of the total clicks. On the other hand, the second and third ranked receive 10% and 7% respectively. That is a huge gap, if you can’t see.

One reason searchers don’t click as many websites as they may like is the lack of time. This is why you should strive to have a complete, easy-to-understand, and interesting website so visitors will have all the information they need. This means that they will stay longer which will further fortify your top position.

Searchers Trust a Top-Ranked Website More

sourceSearchers are more informed now. A website occupies the top position of search engines for many reasons. Google has the strictest criteria that determines which website should be ranked first. It is not only the quantity of traffic that comprise the criteria, but quality is a more important factor. If one website has high quality, it follows that it may have a large following too. This means that the top ranked website is more credible because of its topnotch quality.

There are many benefits why you should hire a competent SEO to get you to the the rankings of search engines. So you should not waste time and look for the SEO who is right for your business.